Booking In For Really Exceptional Summer Camp

esl summer camp

If you are young and still at high school, perhaps you have had the privilege of going on one or two summer camps during your school’s summer recess. What a lot of fun you had. But little did you learn. It was all fun and games, and fair enough, it was, after all, your summer recess. Holidays are for rest and recuperation and recharging your batteries. Here is hoping that you are hungry. Hungry for a lot more than you would normally experience at school. You might want to chat to mom and dad about this camp.

The esl summer camp is quite exceptional and it is far removed from your traditional summer school holiday camp, well, in more ways than one. Because it is on this camp that you are actually going to be learning stuff. No, no, no need to worry, you will not be writing tests or exams at the end of this camp. None of your usual book learning, although it’s still a good idea to keep up with your reading. Reading should be a pleasurable activity during which time you actually get to learn and make new discoveries.

And you cannot not make new discoveries on this summer camp. Because, get this, you’re going to be even further from home than you were during your last summer camp. And this is why you need mom and dad’s signature and approval. You’re going overseas! How about that then? At this early age, here’s your opportunity to start seeing something of the big, wide world you live in. and what’s not to learn on this trip. New cultures and new languages to take in. Lots of ancient and historic sights to see.

A really exceptional summer camp, no?